...The Valentine's Day Gift that Every Woman Entrepreneur Needs

Calling all gentlemen:

Valentine's Day is approaching! Well, to be exact, it's just three weeks and three days away. Have you considered what that perfect gift for the special lady in your life will be? Are you still hashing over what to get that will sweep her off her feet? Did you promise to top last year's gift? Is she an entrepreneur?

If so, I'm suggesting that you register her for the 2014 B4 Tour hosted by Rhonda Nails of Project P.U.S.H. The virtual conference's focus is Re-Branding, Re-Booting, and Re-Building your business. Show your "Boss Chick" that you're invested in her business just as much as she is and that you want her to thrive and succeed; show her that you care and believe in her. Give her the loving gift of wealthy information from awesome speakers such as:

LaShanda Henry: Turning Browsers Into Buyers: Building a Website that Works for You

Lucille Divine: Let's Get Social!

Kemberli Stephenson: Essential Financial Management Habits for a Healthy Business

Katherine Waddell: Profitable Radio Marketing Exposed: Understanding What Needs to Be Said

Veronica Drake: How to Create an Opt-In Form that Grabs Reader's Attention and Builds Lists With Ease

Lisa Ryan: Grategize Your Business! Three Keys to Customer Engagement, Acquisition, and Retention

Rhonda Nails: From Bankruptcy to Billionaire: The Process of Re-Branding, Re-Booting, and Re-Building Your Business

Gentlemen, now all you have to do is click here to get your woman entrepreneur registered for the 2014 B4 Tour!

*The first three, (3), gentlemen to register their woman entrepreneur by February 01, 2014 will receive an exclusive gift poem for your special lady!



...of Revitalize 2014

Well it’s the day after Christmas and someone maybe standing in a long line to return that “perfect” gift for the special lady in their life. Perhaps while standing in line they're thinking what they should get as a replacement. Take a moment and really think about what she needs; especially if she's an entrepreneur. Get her registered for the Revitalize 2014: Women's Conference coming in April 2014 to Norfolk, Virginia! The conference’s theme is Empowering Women With the Tools to Relate, Create, and Elevate. Attendees can expect to, "Get Clarity of Purpose- Easy Action Steps- Life and Business Mentoring

This event is hosted by the Message Expansion Partners and Motivational speaker, Lakeisha McKnight, will be serving as Mistress of Ceremonies and has a dynamic panel of speakers to include:

Vincent K. Harris, Financial Expert

Joan Wilson, Product Creation Expert

Maricia Sherman, Confidence Expert

Melanie Bonita, Marketing Expert

Melissa Turner, Peak Performance Expert

Nellie Wosu, Dress Attire Expert

Rhonda Nails, Business Growth Expert

Renee Sunday M.D., Purpose and Passion Expert

Stevii Aisha Mills, Life Balance Expert

Dawgelen "Dr. Dawj" Sangster, Authenticity Expert

Register here: http://bit.ly/18yqkbU



...of A Mother's Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, I imagine that this letter may seem strange coming from me since I've not traditionally celebrated Christmas in the past ten years and because I've not been as good as I know I could have been this year...humph,I may even be on your naughty list, but all I want for Christmas is to have my oldest son spend the day with me and his three siblings. I miss him, they miss him, and he misses us.

I want to see his face and hear his voice in person. I need to hug him and have him hug me back. His siblings need to see him as well...I want them to all be together in the same space again laughing, playing, and teasing one another. It would be nice to hear him say, "Mommy..." and then be able to turn around, come down to his level--connect with him eye to eye and respond, "Yes son..."